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Hugs For Remus

Moony Needs Love

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Remus J. Lupin needs love.
"Poor Professor Lupin is having a really tough day."
~Harry, Prisoner of Azkaban

This is a Remus J. Lupin icon challenge.

Here are the Rules:

1. Remus has to be in the icon. This is a Remus icon challenge after all.
2. You have to follow any specific rules that will be made to apply for that week's challenge.
3. Submission must, MUST, remain anynomous until after the judging, if you use them before hand and I find out...ooooh your in big trouble.
4. No voting for yourself or telling others to vote for you. This needs to be fair.
5. Icons must fit the lj requirements. 100x100, no more then 40k, and must be in a jpeg, gif, or png format.
6. You can, when in couple challenges, use almost any couple
7. You can use fanart as long as if it's not your own you credit. Sure I won't know if you do...but they will, and if I'm contacted about it not only will that icon be taken down but you'll lose membership.
8. If you want to pimp your own icon journal, do so, but ONLY yours, not someone elses.
9. All users can post up to 2 icons. No more then that however.


1. Submissions are screened, but you will be posting them in the comments.
2. Host your images. Seriously.
3. Make sure when you comment I can see the image as well as know the url for it.


1. You need to be a member of the community to vote, but you don't have to participate (make icons) if you join.
2. Once again no voting for yourself.
3. Anonymous votes will not count.
4. When voting, only pick three and put them in the order of which you think should be first, second, and third place.

And those are the rules.

Challenges will run for one week. They will start on Mondays at 8:00am EST and will end Fridays 8pm EST. Voting will take place from Fridays 8pm EST to Sunday 10pm EST.